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ICAP's 60’s Plus Dining is an adult meal program serving quality nutritious meals to any person aged 60 or over, and their spouses. There are no income, or health guidelines to participate. Our goal is to prevent malnutrition, and isolation, which are major causes of health problems for our aging society. 60’s Plus Dining began serving meals in 1973, and currently has over 2,000 clients throughout 10 counties in east-central South Dakota. There are 4 main options for meals, Congregate, Star Card, Home Delivered, and Frozen Meals.

Congregate meals are offered for lunch Monday through Friday, at senior centers, cafés, and apartment complexes throughout our service area. A variety of balanced meals, mostly comfort foods, are served in a group setting to provide quality nutrition, and socialization.

Star Card sites are fast becoming the choice of the newest generation of clients. Meals, such as breakfast, lunch and supper, are available depending on the restaurants or cafés hours of operation, and menu selection. A pre-paid meal card is purchased from one of our volunteers, or site managers. Clients have the freedom and flexibility to eat at a time and location of their choosing.

Home Delivered Hot meals are provided Monday through Friday to clients who are unable to travel to, or meet at, our congregate or star card locations. A visit from one of our volunteers, offering a hot nutritious meal, often is the only social contact that many of our homebound clients receive each day, helping ease the problem of isolation.

Frozen Meals are available to any of our clients throughout our 10 county service area. Quality, balanced, nutritious meals, are flash frozen in specialty sealed containers. These can be heated in a microwave, or oven, and provide one third of daily recommended nutrition amounts. Frozen meals are an option for clients who cannot travel to one of our Congregate, or Star Card locations, and Home Delivery is not available. It is also a great option for any clients who need convenience, and wish to have meals ready to heat and enjoy at home.

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Mike Anderson Nutrition Director 60's Plus 111 N Van Eps Ave Madison, SD 57042 605-256-6518

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