Health Specialist (Based in the Sioux Falls Office) Duties: • Responsible for educating families and staff in health education and maintaining health records for children to include the required health reports. • Perform vision and hearing screenings on children and maintain immunization records. • Teach prenatal and postpartum issues to families to include the awareness of the normal developmental and growth progress of infants and children. • Perform height and weight assessments on each child. • Provide training and necessary equipment to staff at sites on body substance isolation, universal precautions, hand washing and principles of communicable disease, CPR, first aide, etc. • Instruct families, teachers and other staff on age appropriate nutritional principles, dietary plans, food selection and preparation. Qualifications: • Associate or Bachelor degree in Nursing or related field with an emphasis in the area of mental health, counseling or human resource development preferred. • Current South Dakota Licensed Professional Medical training (Registered Nurse/Licensed Practical Nurse). • Experience in working with children, preferably with preschool age children or infants and toddlers preferred. Hours / FLSA Status / Grade 8: • Nonexempt position • 40 hours per week, year round • $18.74 - $26.51 per hour, based on education and experience

APPLICATION CLOSING DATE FOR THIS POSITION IS FEBRUARY 24, 2021 ICAP is an equal opportunity provider and employer

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